Sunday, February 01, 2009


Kim returned from the LCA09 with a brainful
of tech and hands full of Tasmanian treasure.

He also brought home a
Community Recognition Award certificate for me.
Thankyou very much!
Congratulations to Alli Russell and
Hugh Blemings who were also recognised. =)

The conference sounds like it was a ripper.
Looking forward to checking out the recordings.
Good luck to the Wellington team with LCA2010,
the incoming Linux Australia committee,
and all the best to the LA mob for 2009.



Wara said...

"Community Recognition Award certificate for me". Most deserving. Congratulations. Thank you for your support and help over the past few years.

lucychili said...

Thanks Wara =)

DavidRowe said...

Congratulations on your award Janet! I had a nice time at LCA. and enjoyed staying with Kim and all the guys. Kim was especially helpful setting up the BATMAN mesh routing demo.



lucychili said...

Thankyou Mr Rowe.
Kim had a lot of fun as well =)).